The 1st Competition on the Best Poster "Misr Al-Mostaqbal"


The faculty of nursing youth care administration announces Aswan university participation in the first competition that is entitled " the Best Poster on Misr Al Mostaqbal" for the university student's groups at the Egyptian universities level for the academic year 2017/2018.

The contest terms:

-         Poster Size 50*70 cm.

-         Implanting the poster in gouache colors.

-         Highlighting the youth role in shaping the future.

-         The deadline for delivering posters is Thursday corresponding to 12th of April 2018.


-         500 EGP. in addition to the Competition Cup for the 1st place winner.

-         400 EGP. for the 2nd place winner.

-         300 EGP. for the 3rd place winner.

-         200 EGP. for the 4th place winner.

-         100 EGP. for the 5th to 10th place winners.


The students who want to apply shall head to the faculty of nursing youth care office.

Contact us

Aswan  University- Sahary City- Airport Road

Mailbox: 81528

Telephone: 0973480901-0973480446

Fax:0973480449  (University President Fax)    

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