Addiction Reality and Challenges in the Arab World

According to what has been sent from the vice president of community service and environmental affairs of Al Minia University office to participate in the international conference (Addiction Reality and Challenges in the Arab World) from 2nd to 4th April 2018.

Conference Topics:



Addiction (types, symptoms, economic and social effects)

Addiction of all kinds (drugs, bills, alcohol, internet, modern, means of communication, shopping,)


Addiction (combating and treatment) the role of community institutions "educational, religious, media, art, sports, etc.," in the combating and treatment of addiction.



Addiction between legislations and laws, the adequacy of the security and legal confrontation of addiction, and the role of the international cooperation in fighting addiction.


Students who want to apply shall head to the office of the vice dean of community service and environmental affairs.

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