Aswan University Organizes a Workshop on E-learning

Under the patronage of Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab, Aswan University in cooperation with the National Center for E-Learning are organizing a workshop on “auto production of e-courses”. The workshop will take 3 days with the participation of 15 members of the academic staff. The vice president of education and student’s affairs Prof. Hanan Abd Al Moneam said that the workshop aims at preparing a range of trainers of the academic staff in the field of preparing e-courses which will replace the traditional academic courses to be in line with the electronic development in the academic field. She added that the modern e-learning provides an opportunity for connection between academic staff and their students where all courses will be converted into electronic, it also allows the academic member to contact with his/her students via electronic conversation. E-Learning highlights how active the student is and allows the student to follow up scientific references which will impact effectively on educational quality.  The head of the national center for e-learning Dr. Rami Iskandar said that the course aims at preparing trainers in the field of e-learning for enabling the academic member to produce e-course instead of the traditional paper courses via simple software. He added that the workshop clarifies how to check answers electronically that will be applied soon according to the resolutions of the Supreme Council of Universities where the student will answer the test then the answers will be checked electronically without any human interference so the results will be 100% correct and every student will be sure that he got the score he/she worth referring that e-learning is not a compensation for the academic member but it contributes to educational quality apart from traditional memorization and initiation as well as enhancing conversation between the academic member and students through the different videos that the student can track easily. 

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